Story-Formed Life For Organizations

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What is Story-Formed Life?

The Story-Formed Life (SFL) is an immersive, interactive, and life-changing experience that takes place over 11 weeks on video conferences & in living rooms around the world. Regardless of where you are located, you can join the Story-Formed Life experience.


Why Does It Matter?

We all know the mission is making disciples. For organizations in a modern, western culture this is also the biggest struggle. So many of our cultural norms, even in church culture, are extremely different from the life of radical discipleship that Jesus envisioned.

The Story-Formed Life experience is a unique tool for organizations that helps people move from from passive, self-centered consumers to active, radical disciples who give up everything to follow their Master.


Why Is It Effective?

So much Christian teaching is divorced from narrative. Jesus’ primary teaching tool was stories, yet in our western culture, lecture with bullet points is our primary method. Stories change people and the Bible is a Story, one that many people have never truly heard. The SFL takes people through the Story from The Creation to the The Re-Creation and connects them to the larger narrative of what life is about and where they fit. This experience happens in a safe, authentic atmosphere that’s designed to challenge their real faith.


How Do I Find Out More?

SFL has been utilized by church staff, small groups, a wide variety of nonprofits, ministry organizations, universities, prisons and extended families. God’s Story transcends barriers — it’s a Story for all. 

If your organization is interested in experiencing SFL or having it as a tool in your disciple-making tool belt, we’d love to chat. Contact us!

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