Everyone is Formed by a Story.

Experience the story of the Bible like never before.


How does it work?

SFL breaks the Biblical Story into 11 chapters or ‘Acts.’ During the weekly two hour group session, we’ll READ scripture, DISCUSS its meaning, APPLY it to our lives, and TRAIN in living it out.

What Should I Expect?

Groups meet in homes or on Zoom, and are guided by a trained facilitator. Expect two hours of lively discussion, and come ready to listen, and to share. SFL is a safe, authentic atmosphere where you can encounter the truth of the Story and wrestle with your beliefs.

How can I participate?

Tap the “Sign Up Now” button and we’ll connect you with a group. Regardless of where you’re located, you can join a Story-Formed Life experience.

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Find your place in His story.

The Story-Formed Life experience is an immersive, interactive, and life-changing exploration of the Story of the Bible.

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