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Why Facilitate?

There are so many ministries & non-profits doing good things, but Jesus was clear that the primary mission is to make disciples (Matt 28:18-20). Unfortunately, very few people have experienced the kind of discipleship that Jesus envisioned. So much has been lost over the years, that many churches, organizations and individuals don’t know where to begin. Story-Formed Life gives people a place to start this amazing ministry that Jesus gave to us.

What is a Facilitator?

SFL is not a curriculum, but an experience. We use the word facilitator instead of leader to emphasize that this person’s primary role is to set the tone of the group and to guide the participants through the Story.
Most Christian teaching is a lecture-style format designed to transfer information. Instead, SFL uses an ancient discussion format called ‘midrash’ that’s radically different from other teaching methods. It’s designed to help people discover truth and grow in belief.

Who can become a Facilitator?

Anyone who has experienced Story-formed Life can apply to become a facilitator. Because the SFL is a dynamic and interactive environment, facilitation is a learned skill. Talk to your facilitator about what it’s like and they can help you determine whether it’s a good fit for you.

What is the Process?

Facilitator training is about a 3 hrs/week, 3-month process. During the course of an 11-week SFL experience, you’ll learn both the content and the facilitation skills required to guide SFL. In addition to participating in the SFL experience, you’ll meet with your trainer weekly for coaching.

How Do I Get Trained?

Tap the “Apply to Facilitate” button and we’ll match you with a trainer. They’ll teach you the ropes as you apprentice under them.

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Ready to launch a group? Let us know on our Group Registration form. We’ll provide resources & support or help connect you with more participants if you want. Plus, we want to pray for you and encourage you along the way!

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Active Facilitators

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What facilitators are saying

I love that SFL keeps the story fresh for me. Every week I lead, I remark, “I need to hear that again.”

Justin Wolfenberg

I love being an SFL facilitator because it gives me more opportunities to stay close to God’s story, gather other perspectives, and meet new people.

Emily Shinkle

Experiencing SFL as a group is an exercise in shared enjoyment of a story. There’s something about the experience that reminds me of how it’s not something I’m just supposed to believe because it’s true, but also a story so epic and beautiful that I actually want it to be true.

Darek Petro

Facilitating Story-Formed Life allows the regular ability to gain a new nugget of insight on a well-known Story while seeing eyes opened and lives changed.

Dan Lillback

Facilitating an SFL deepens our own faith each time and invites others to have space to engage in the story in ways they never have before. It’s a joy!

Nate Sallee

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The Story-Formed Life experience is an immersive, interactive, and life-changing exploration of the Story of the Bible.

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