The Story-Formed Life Experience is a Unique 11-Week Deep-Dive into the Story of God

Experience the Story like never before.

The Story-Formed Life experience is an immersive, interactive, and life-changing exploration of the Story of the Bible – from the Creation to the Re-Creation. It’s different from other studies and courses in that it’s specifically designed to expose and increase participants’ faith as opposed to just acquiring more knowledge. Story-Formed Life is highly interactive & relational as each group is guided by a trained facilitator to experience the Story in a whole new way. Participants will be challenged in their faith and given a foundation for a lifetime of radical faith and discipleship.

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Recently my husband and I, trekking along completely unaware of the shallowness of our faith, were introduced to some people who were hosting a Story-Formed Life training in their home. Having no idea what we were getting ourselves into, we agreed to participate. Week by week we felt like our eyes were peeled open to the true nature of God and the wholeness of His story.  Each meeting we were completely shaken by all of our misunderstandings and we were hungry as we felt a growing freedom in the truth

Lacy DiSabatino

It was like a veil was taken from my eyes.  I said that I loved [God], but my “love” was no love at all.  I saw Jesus as more of a means to an end instead of seeing that he was the end.  I thought I loved my brothers and sisters in Christ, but it was just superficial and selfish.

Suzanne Luttrull

Once I understood the bigger picture, things started changing all over the place. I suddenly understood how to lead my family. My family now has purpose. My kids know God and are consistently growing. My wife knows God intimately. I’m connecting with Him more than I ever have. God changed me in radical ways through Story-formed Life. The short investment of time is nothing compared to the radical life transformation I’ve experienced from understanding the Story and my role in it.

Rich Theil

The puzzle pieces all started to come together while going through the Story-Formed Life. I had lots of knowledge, but very little faith.  SFL was different from other spiritual practices.  I was being challenged to dissect my heart and see what was there.

Colin Jones

Story-Formed Life has made a huge impact on my family and me.  It opened my eyes to a new way of looking at the Bible.  I no longer think of the Bible as a collection of stories and disconnected writings, but as a complete Story of God and his people that I am a part of.  I have a new sense of wonder at and interest in the Bible.

Amy Owens

As someone who had been in church circles for a long time (pastor’s kid, Bible college, church staff, etc.), I wasn’t expecting much when I first attended an SFL group. What was I going to receive in an 11-week study that I didn’t get out of a four-year Biblical Studies degree? Turns out, a lot.  Experiencing SFL for the first time was a major game changer in my faith.

Rachel Reider

I can think of no better cornerstone to build a life of faith on…we ask all our leaders who teach or facilitate a group to go through SFL first.   There’s been so much pure fruit the Lord has produced through SFL.  It’s the most powerful experience anyone can engage in…

Jenny Baker - Community Groups Director at Crossroads Church

I walked into the Creation story.  Within the first 15 minutes of discussing a passage I had read hundreds of times before, God spoke to me more clearly than I had ever experienced.

Rhett Barbour

“Oh great,” I thought, “another Bible study.” I ended up going just because I thought the leader was cool. It’s a good thing that I went, though, because my life has never been the same since. 

Brenton Geisey

The things that I heard each week gave words and form to beliefs that I had held for a long time but hadn’t known how to articulate. The Holy Spirit started revealing hidden, beautiful themes of God’s Story that I had never seen before. Each week I walked away completely challenged, yet more in awe of God’s beauty and wisdom. And this wasn’t just knowledge; it was truth that was transforming my life.

Grant Dawson

The Story-Formed Life has had a significant impact on the way I view everything. No aspect of life remains untouched by the Story of God. To use somewhat familiar imagery, I’ve come to view SFL as a deep, deep ocean. Just when you think you’ve spanned its depths, your eyes are opened to new things.

Dave McMurray

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