My wife and I both grew up in the church. She was a preacher’s kid, and I went to a Christian school from 1st – 12th grade. We met at a Christian university and then later spent time doing international missions. We truly loved Jesus and His kingdom, and we wanted our family of five to center on Him.

Enter: the Story-formed Life. My initial goal for taking the class was to be able to share it with others. However, I was captivated and convicted from the first week and realized that God had me there for me and not for others. The things that I heard each week gave words and form to beliefs that I had held for a long time but hadn’t known how to articulate. The Holy Spirit started revealing hidden, beautiful themes of God’s Story that I had never seen before. Each week I walked away completely challenged, yet more in awe of God’s beauty and wisdom. And this wasn’t just knowledge; it was truth that was transforming my life.

I have since been a part of five SFL trainings, both as facilitator and as trainee. Either way, the trainings bring fresh revelation and deeper understanding of God’s Story. I have seen it work just as well with a church staff as with a group of men in a halfway house. I have yet to find a tool that does a better job of presenting the foundational truth of God’s Story and forcing people to do something with it—one way or the other. It has caused us to rearrange our lives for the author and main character of the Story, and our entire family is better because of it.