I am married with 1.5 kids and live in Fort Thomas, KY, outside of Cincinnati. I work for a marketing agency and spend most of my time dodging traffic on my bike and learning to be a better husband and father.

The Story-Formed Life has had a significant impact on the way I view everything. No aspect of life remains untouched by the Story of God. To use somewhat familiar imagery, I’ve come to view SFL as a deep, deep ocean. Just when you think you’ve spanned its depths, your eyes are opened to new things. My family and I have been swimming in this deep sea for years and are thankful that we will never run out of room.

Jesus spent a lot of his time on earth with his disciples building a foundation of faith. It seems to me that for the Church to grow, the Church must be built/building on a solid foundation. SFL has provided a format that conveys the Story of God in a way that allows people to tear down their existing, unstable foundations and begin to rebuild on Christ with a solid foundation of faith. Having a format that can easily integrate into my daily/weekly rhythm has been valuable in freeing my family up to help explore existing foundations in our own lives, the lives of friends, and the lives of complete strangers. I love having an accessible format to challenge the things/ideas that matter most to people.