I am a husband and a father. I work in sales and am actively involved in various church and community activities. Story-formed Life came into my life at the right time and I believe God has been preparing me to receive this for nearly a year.

The training really helped take my relationship with God to a deeper level, enhance my understanding of God’s heart, and urged me to make changes because some of my actions were not aligned with my true beliefs. I needed

Viewing the Bible as the Story of God, from The Creation to The Re-Creation, really helped me learn how to relate to God in the proper way.  I was raised in a works based religion and despite much effort to move past this, I have maintained some of that baggage.  By deeply believing in The Fall, I am now able to interact with God purely as myself, without trying to put on a front or impress Him with my efforts.  I believe that God wants to be with me, the real me with all my flaws.

Almost all of my challenges are rooted in two sins that were present in the Garden of Eden, pride and shame.  God helped me realize that my relationship with Him had been built around a vacillation between these two ungodly poles.  When I thought I was achieving God’s will for my life I would become more prideful, and when I thought I wasn’t achieving His will, I would wallow in deep shame. Through SFL I came to understand the tension between these two poles and found a humble place where I can lean on God and trust him on a much deeper level.