Story-Formed Life has made a huge impact on my family and me. Doing the study opened my eyes to a new (to me) way of looking at the Bible and the Story of God. I no longer think of the Bible as a collection of stories and disconnected writings, but as a complete Story of God and his people that I am a part of. I have a new sense of wonder at and interest in the Bible.

After the study, we began to change the way we lead and operate our family. We learned a lot through the Preparation week about having a Biblically-based, multi-generational mindset. We are now actively trying to find ways to involve our parents in the lives of their grandchildren, and we are even thinking about our grandchildren and great-grandchildren and the legacy we will leave them. We are also taking a closer look at how we train and teach our kids, realizing that WE—not a church youth group or a school—are the ones responsible for their spiritual, emotional, and social development.

This is a big change for us, and has involved me closing my small business to follow my calling of being a mother. It has also made us realize that we will most likely home-school our children—something I would have never dreamed of before.