Story-formed Life Marketing Intern Job Description


The purpose of this internship is to assist the Story-formed Life organization with both marketing and general related activities. The SFL is a small organization where people wear a lot of different hats and jump in to help where needed and this position is no exception.


Benefits to Applicant

  • Experience with helping build a startup non-profit
  • Experience with cutting-edge marketing strategies
  • Experience with various tools & software related to marketing, websites & data management
  • Experience working in an organization and learning internal communication skills
  • Experience working with customers and learning external communication skills
  • Somewhat flexible working hours


Job Responsibilities

Note: This is a new intern position and as such, the responsibilities may change including the job title itself. The list below are some of the areas we *think* we need help with and is subject to change. Also, this position will be mostly execution on tasks depending on strategy from others.

  • Social Media
    • Setting up accounts
    • Monitoring channels
    • Alerting others of needs needing to be addressed
    • Evaluating and setting up software tools that can help with posting to channels & automation
    • Posting content to channels
    • Participating in brainstorming about new channels and ways to use various channels to create more awareness for new customers and keep existing customers connected
  • Website
    • Creating new content
    • Managing and posting content
    • Organizing content
    • Bug testing
    • Monitoring activity using analytics tools
  • Data Management
    • Collecting data
    • Data entry
    • Organizing data


Characteristics of an Ideal Applicant

  • Self-starter:  Is motivated, starts on time and is able to be productive, even when waiting for others
  • Energetic:  Brings a positive attitude and enthusiasm to the team
  • Flexible:  Able to flex their work time based on project/task needs
  • Adapts well to changing priorities:  Quickly pivots to new tasks, even when hasn’t completed other ones based on what’s most important for the organization
  • Active listener:  Knows how to listen and take good notes to avoid needing things to be repeated
  • Dependable:  Does what they say they are going to do, in the time that they commit to. Asks when things need to be completed by.
  • Communicative:  Preempts questions by superiors and other stakeholders by keeping them informed of the status and progress of tasks.



  • Daytime hours
  • 5-10 hours per week
  • Own computer + internet + smart phone
  • Availability outside working hours for quick response requests
  • Periodic research/training outside of paid working time



  • $10-13 per hour depending on experience
  • 1099 subcontractor


How to Apply

Interested applicants can send an email to [email protected] with cover letter and resume attached.