How Does It Work?

Each week, a trained facilitator guides your group on an interactive journey through the story of the Bible from Creation to Re-Creation. 

Whether you are exploring the Bible for the first time or you’ve been reading it for your whole life, SFL will take you deep into each part of this epic story while helping you to explore your own faith.



The Story-Formed Life (SFL) is an immersive, interactive, life-changing experience that takes place over 11 weeks on video conferences & in living rooms around the world. Regardless of where you are located, you can join the Story-formed Life Experience.

Get ready for an unforgettable journey through the story, new friends & a whole new level of faith!

What Should I Expect?

In the information age, our biggest problem isn’t finding more information, it’s growing in real faith.

“O ye of little faith…” Jesus would often say. He was more interested in what his disciples actually believed, not just what they knew. We tend to think of faith like an on-off switch, when the Bible speaks of it as a dial. It’s not just whether you believe, but how deeply do you believe it? The SFL is a safe, authentic atmosphere where you can encounter the truth of the Story and expose your true beliefs.