Interest in the SFL experience has been growing! We are regularly posting content on our social pages to let people know about the transforming power of God’s Story. Your stories are the best promotion.

Would you be willing to share your “elevator pitch” for Story-Formed Life? We may feature it on social media soon to encourage others to take the leap and join the SFL Experience.

Imagine this…you’re in an elevator with a friend talking about the Story-Formed Life experience you’re going through together. A stranger in the elevator overhears and asks, “What is Story-Formed Life?” You’ve only got the next few seconds of the ride to explain it…what do you say? What is the best way you can describe SFL and what a transformative, foundational experience it is? How did you change? Why should they sign up?

Click HERE to give us your SFL Elevator Pitch. The shorter the better! If you’d prefer to send us a short video, you can email us at [email protected]

Are you looking to invite some of the people in your tribe to an SFL experience? Here’s a sample invite to help you!