Story-Formed Life Invitation Examples

Here are some examples.  Feel free to copy and make them your own!

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Example 1 – SUPER SHORT  —————————————————————-

Hi Friend,

I am hosting an introduction to a short course called the Story-Formed Life and wanted to invite you! It’s a discussion-based course designed to really dig deep into the story of the Bible and challenge what we really believe.  

This introduction is just a time to hang out, enjoy some food and hear more about this unique course and see if it’s something you want to sign up for.

We are meeting

<insert meeting details>

Hope to see you!


Example 2 – LONG    —————————————————————————

Hi {friend’s name here!},

I am getting ready to kick off a Story-Formed Life group and I really want you to be part of it. Going through the Story-Formed Life was a transforming experience for me. I want to share a little about it so that you can consider, and hopefully you’ll join my group that will be meeting ______{insert start date, time, location}______.

What is the Story-formed Life? 

The Story-Formed Life (SFL) is an 11-week journey.  It’s applicable to someone who has never read the Bible or to someone who has been studying it for 100 years. Knowledge is not a prerequisite, but it may require a little wrestling. If you want to be challenged or deepened in your faith, it’s for you.  

SFL is designed to expose and increase the level of faith participants have in God’s Story as revealed in the Bible, from the Creation to the Re-creation. We’ll start at the very beginning. Each week we’ll turn the page to enter a new “chapter” of this epic story. 

SFL uses scripture only and is interactive. A trained facilitator guides the Midrash, a Hebrew learning style that means “to investigate,” as a group. This group discovery process is both challenging and encouraging–it might push you to the edge of your comfort zone as you compare what you KNOW with what you actually BELIEVE, and how you LIVE as a result.  

Every one of us is formed by a story, and our story is often the one we’re most familiar with. If you live in the West, like it or not, you’re probably immersed in a Western story. We frequently do not realize how deeply these roots have sunk into our minds and hearts, or the way this story motivates our lives. For someone to really change the course of their life, their STORY needs to change. The Bible presents a completely different story from the ones we were trained to believe.

The SFL is an encounter with the story of the Bible. And it’s a story that can be life-altering. Are you ready to open the book with me?