The Story-Formed Life Experience is a Unique 7-Week Exploration of the Christian Faith

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Explore faith in a completely different way.  Interactive, authentic and honest.

What is the meaning of life? If God exists, why is there so much pain & suffering in the world? Is there a way to find real peace?

The Story-Formed Life experience is an exciting, interactive, and life-changing exploration of the Story of the Bible & the Christian Faith that happens online and in living rooms around world.

It’s different from other courses in that it’s a non-churchy, down-to-earth and authentic experience. Come join us as we explore the Story of the Bible from the Creation to the Re-Creation in 7 weeks.

About SFL

The Story-Formed Life experience is not a church, but a unique, eye-opening course that many thousands of people have experienced from around the world.

The SFL has 7 weekly discussion-based sessions that take place via video-conferencing and is an easy way to explore the Christian faith, understand what the Bible is about and a safe place to ask hard questions.

Next Course Starts:

Thursday, April 23rd from 8-10pm EST.  Slots are limited.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is this for?

Anyone who is looking for information about the Bible or Christianity.   It’s especially suited for people who don’t know much about the Bible, are new to the faith or just grew up religious but never took it seriously.

What is it like?

The course is 7 weekly online sessions that are roughly 2 hours each.  Each session is discussion-based (not preachy) and interactive, that takes place in an authentic/non-judgmental atmosphere.

What does it cost?

The course is free!

Am I committing to anything?

There is no commitment.  You are welcome to bow out at any time.  We promise not to spam you or bother you in any way.


How does it work?

Once you register, we’ll send you a confirmation with the time/date and video connection info.  All you need is a smartphone or a computer + camera and internet access.

How can I sign up?

Click here for the registration form.


Once I understood the bigger picture, things started changing all over the place. I suddenly understood how to lead my family.  [We] now have a purpose… the short investment of time is nothing compared to the radical life transformation I’ve experienced from understanding the Story and my role in it.

Rich Theil

The things that I heard each week gave words and form to beliefs that I had held for a long time but hadn’t known how to articulate… beautiful themes of God’s Story that I had never seen before.  Each week I walked away completely challenged… it was truth that was transforming my life.

Grant Dawson

The puzzle pieces all started to come together while going through the Story-Formed Life. I had lots of knowledge, but very little faith.  SFL was different from other spiritual practices.  I was being challenged to dissect my heart and see what was there.

Colin Jones

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