Rachel Reider’s Story

My name is Rachel. I’m 26, newly married, live in Norwood, OH and work in the area of discipleship at a church called Crossroads.

As someone who had been in church circles for a long time (pastor’s kid, Bible college, church staff, etc.), I wasn’t expecting much when I first attended an SFL group. What was I going to receive in an 11-week study that I didn’t get out of a four-year Biblical Studies degree? Turns out, a lot.

Experiencing SFL for the first time was a major game changer in my faith. It revealed surprising gaps between what I knew and what I really believed. It became clear that despite knowing a lot about what the Bible said, the biblical story didn’t have much overlap with my day-to-day life. Discovering the abundance that was available in God’s Story rocked my world and started me on a journey that led to a whole new life of personal discipleship.

Now, three years later, I have been through SFL many times. It has become a foundational tool for me in discipling others. Whether it’s the girls I meet with one-on-one or the movements I work to support on staff at Crossroads, I can’t whole-heartedly start on a path without incorporating the foundation of SFL at some level. The fruit of saved marriages, religion turned to relationship and changed lives speaks loud and clear: We’ve missed the real Story, and we can’t move forward in fullness without it.


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